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I truly believe that Service Design Approach is the key to the success of any given project. Too often the ignorance about the user, or a conflict of interest between human needs and technical priorities, or the lack of understanding behaviour patterns and motivations, for that matter, lead to frustration and failure. I have 30 years of experience in applying Design Thinking to solve wicked design challenges.  Currently, I am a Director of Product Design at Ibbaka—a new platform that helps to manage your career across multiple projects using a skill record as an evolving résumé. I frequently contribute to Ibbaka Talent Blog.

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After completing in 1988 his second Master's Degree, some of his colleagues called him a renaissance man referring to the wide range of his professional engagements spanning from architecture and design to music, photography, fine art and film.

Arriving in Canada, Gregory found interactive media, or multimedia as this emerging discipline was called back in 1994. His diverse talents lead him to the Creative Director position at DNA — a Vancouver company which pioneer work on educational CD-ROMS resulted in numerous awards and recognition from all over the world.

Although at the beginning of his career, he wouldn't call himself an experience designer, all of Gregory's work, apart from the very refined look, have one thing in common: the need to understand human behaviour and the patterns guiding our interaction processes which are reflected in his design methodology.

Since his first website went live in 1995, Gregory has designed an array of projects from books and wine labels to posters and web interfaces. He thought Graphic Design and Typography for New Media at UBC / ECIAD and lead creative teams at top advertising agencies.

Gregory lives with his family on Bowen Island. He is a Professional Member of Service Design Network and a Certified Graphic Designer by The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. Connect on LinkedIn.


Analytic Design Group / BC Hydro / BLDG Naming Rights + Partnerships / Brandever / Campbell Soup / Church & State Wines / The Dance Centre / dys architecture / Disney / Dirty Laundry Vineyards / Encorp Pacific (Canada) / Elephant Island Orchard Wines / Equinox Gallery / Hester Creek / Hyphen Communications / Intrawest / Jealous Fruits / Laughing Stock Vineyards / La Frenz Winery / Letterbox Design / Mark Anthony Group / Miles Employment Group / Moon Curser Vineyards / Nikon / The Organized Crime Winery / Orfund Fundation / Richmond Public Library / Painted Rock Estate Winery / Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies / Pioneer Electronics / The Playhouse Theatre / Poplar Grove Winery / Replicor / Sabina Hill Design / SportFit Canada / Tantalus Vineyards / TECK / TBWA / Telus / Thomas Consultants / Vancouver 2010 / Vancouver International Wine Festival / UBC /  Wall Centre / Wasserman + Partners Advertising